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Atoll Explorer has been especially designed for inter-island cruising since 1996, when she became the first ship to offer first class cruising in the Maldives.

The atmosphere on board is that of an exclusive, well-run, floating family hotel. Expect no pretension - only dedication - to seeing that guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves. The ship's ambience is “laid back.” ; there is no dressing up for dinners, or entertainment. Dress code is shorts and swimwear during the day and casual dress in the evening, both on board and in the islands.

With a maximum of 40 passengers, guests soon get to know each other and every week-long cruise becomes a jolly party with friends. With its diving activities and different dive sites and visits to resorts, village and uninhabited islands, Atoll Explorer provides a unique and fun-filled way of getting to know the best that Maldives has to offer.

Whether you are searching for a holiday with lazy days relaxing in the sun or a more active stay in paradise, Atoll Explorer offers a variety of activities for you. With optional activities taking place both day and evening the choice is left up to you for how much or how little you would like to do.

During the day on visits to the islands you will have the opportunity to simply lie back and soak up the sun with a chilled drink or enjoy a variety of water sports including diving, snorkeling and windsurfing.

In the evenings the laid back atmosphere on board encourages a social atmosphere. Enjoy an underwater slideshow, night fishing, traditional Maldivian boduberu dance show, and with a live band playing under the clear starlight skies on the last night it truly makes the perfect finale to a perfect week.

Dining throughout the cruise mirrors the relaxed and laid back atmosphere on board. A high standard is maintained throughout with the food matching that of Universal resort islands in both quality and variety.

Served to you either on deck under an awning during the day, in the ships main dining area or on a deserted island under the stars, Patrick the Head Chef ensures each meal will bring you 100% satisfaction.

Expect to be amazed as you enjoy the variety of a daytime island picnic, a fresh fish BBQ dinner and the Captain's hosted dinner on your final night.

Our special cruise itineraries not only ensure that you experience the beauty of the Maldives but also the diverse islands that are scattered across the Indian Ocean. On each cruise you will have the opportunity to visit resorts and local islands, a spa and the capital city of Male'

The resorts that you visit encapsulate the concept of laid back luxury where you are able to enjoy the soft white sandy beaches soaking up the beautiful surroundings and pleasant atmosphere.

A particular treat on cruise one is a visit to Kandholhudhu, an exclusive spa island for Universal guests. There is the opportunity to be pampered in one of the spa pavilions under the palm trees whilst experiencing traditional herbal treatments and beauty therapies. The snorkeling at Kandholhudhu is also the best within the atoll with its protected house reef housing stingrays, reef sharks are many varieties of vibrant coral.

A trip to the local islands of the archipelago helps you to gain an insight into the lives of the Maldivian people. As the guide shows you the main sights of the villages including the mosque, schools and residential areas the local people will welcome you at every corner making the whole experience even more enjoyable.

The capital city of Male' will be the final excursion of the cruise and offers you the opportunity to experience the history and culture of this island nation. Apart from observing interesting monuments and museums, you will also have an enjoyable shopping experience in the craft shops, local bazaar and markets as you pick up souvenirs to strengthen the memories of the previous week.

Scuba Diving
Atoll Explorer has a fully equipped and professionally run diving base on board the ship. Operated by Eurodivers and exacting the high standards of PADI, the base welcomes both beginners and experienced divers.

The diving is extremely varied as the ship cruises through the atolls, giving you the opportunity to dive in some of the most celebrated and famous dive sites in the world.

Whale sharks, turtles, morays, lobster, octopus and stingrays will be your company as you discover the magnificent underwater world.

Available Equipment
Tanks – Luxfer aluminium tank (10 litres)
Tank Valves – K-Valves with European standard for yoke regulators
Regulators – Scubapro R190 with octopus pressure gauge & low pressure inflator hose
BC Jackets – Sea quest stabilizing jacket Spectrum with single bladder & hard backpack
Weight Belts – 1 Kg lead weights
Fins –Full Foot fins (all sizes)
Masks – Different models from various manufacturers
Snorkels – Gull
Dive Computers – Uwatec Aladin Pro
Camera – Sea & Sea
Strobe – Yellow Sub eternal strobe
Dive Suits – 3mm Neoprene suits in various sizes

Cruise Boats:
Dive Spots:

Cruising the Maldives gives you the opportunity of explore some of the most popular dive spots in the world.

Wave Surfing:
Cruise through the uninhibited island of Maldives as you discover some of the best surfing points.
Island Hopping:
From luxury resorts to local island to uninhabited islands, cruising is the best way to enjoy the best of Maldives